About Wales in Style

Wales in Style is an independently selected collection that guides the visitor to the finest destinations and experiences that Wales can offer.

Inclusion in Wales In Style is by invitation only and selections are made by a panel headed by hospitality experts and based on the recommendations of tourism professionals, leading figures in Welsh Hospitality and the feedback we receive from you, the visitor to Wales.

All the places included in Wales In Style are selected for the quality they offer in their particular sector and must compare well with their peers across the UK and beyond. Whether it is a boutique hotel, a country pub, a top-class delicatessen, or a memorable day-out, we want you to experience the variety and character of Wales…in style.

Wales In Style is not a grading scheme nor is it based on a grading scheme operated by any other party (although these may be taken into account as one of many factors). As such it is not possible to operate a set of strict criteria for each sector featured in Wales In Style and it is acknowledged that there is a large and intangible element of “we know it when we see it” in the selection process. The Wales In Style portfolio will also reflect our ongoing research into the needs of this area of the market together with feedback from users of the website.

Wales in Style is part of the privately-owned and operated Welsh Rarebits Collection, the premier marketing brand for quality hospitality businesses in Wales, which is in turn wholly owned by Rare Hospitality Limited. 

If you require further information regarding the Wales in Style partner selection process, please email us at [email protected]

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